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Arnaud Deraemaeker

Keywords piezoelectricity, matlab, structural dynamics toolbox, finite element method


Prof E. Balmès (SDTools, ENSAM Paris)



Piezoelectric transducers are commonly used in active vibration control and structural health monitoring applications. The main advantages of such transducers are their small size, their broad bandwidth, and their relatively low price, which make them ideal candidates for static and dynamic applications.

In order to design SHM systems or active vibration control schemes, accurate models of the transducers and the structure to which they are coupled are necessary.


Modeling of piezoelectric structures and transducers

In collaboration with Prof E. Balmès at SDTools, we have developped a piezoelectric module in the Structural Dynamics Toolbox under Matlab ( The models are based on a linear coupled piezoelectric formulation using the finite element method. Both 3D and plate multi-layer elements have been developed. The later are not found in commercial softwares and prove very usefull for the modeling of thin structures equiped with flat piezoelectric transducers (patches, piezocomposites).

Figure 1: A 3D model of a piezoelectric patch with inter-digitated electrodes (left), and a multi-layer plate model of a plate equipped with 4 piezoelectric patches (right).


Figure 2 shows the example of the dynamic response of the plate represented in Figure 1 (left). The plate is actuated with the blue piezoelectric patch and the response is measured at the tip of the plate.

Figure 2: Frequency response function of a plate equipped with piezoelectric patches. Response is measured at the tip of the plate which is actuated with the blue piezoelectric patch.

Other applications are presented in more details. Click here



Selected publications

[1] A. Deraemaeker, E. Reynders, G. De Roeck, and J. Kullaa. Vibration-based structural health monitoring using output-only measurements under changing environment. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 22:34–56, 2008.

[2] A. Deraemaeker and K. Worden. On the use of the mahalanobis squared-distance to filter out environmental effects in structural health monitoring. In Proc CSNDD 2014, Agadir, Morocco, May 2014.