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Arnaud Deraemaeker, S. Porn

Keywords piezoelectricity, modal sensors, distributed films, level-set


Dr Houssein Nasser, Dr Salim Belouettar (CRPHT, Luxembourg)



Modal  sensors and  actuators (MSA) are  intended to  measure -respectively excite only particular modes of a structure.A major application is the vibration control in structures where  MSA reduces the problem of spillover. Another application is structural health monitoring, see our developments here.

In this work, we consider a continuous piezoelectric film whose polarization profile can be optimized in order to filter specific modes. The frontier between the negative and positive polarized regions of the piezoelectric material is described with a level-set function (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Plate structure with a distributed piezoelectric sensor and level-set representation of the frontier between the negative and positive polarized piezoelectric material


Optimization results

An example of optimization of the level-set function is shown in Figure 2 where the polarization profile for modal filters for modes 1 through 10 are presented.


Figure 2 : Polarization profiles for modes 1-10 filters


Selected publications

[1] S. Porn, H. Nasser, R. FilomenoCoelho, S. Belouettar, and A. Deraemaeker. Level set based structural optimization of distributed piezoelectric modal sensors for plate structures. International Journal of Solids and Structures, 80:348–358, 2016.