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For the SMC seminar of the 11th of October 2011 (11:00 am, C3.122 room), Peter Berke will make a  presentation entitled Towards a homogenization-based quasi-discrete method for strain localizing matter.


The understanding and the prediction of the behavior of materials with dominant microstructural effects is of crucial importance. A computational method of relatively low complexity and potential high efficiency is presented for this purpose for the particular case of strain localizing matter. The "quasi-discrete method" considers two scales: the scale of the material microstructure with a continuum type description and the structural scale on which a discrete description of the material is adopted. The scale coupling is inspired from computational homogenization and domain decomposition techniques. Tailor-made boundary conditions are developed to extend the classical periodic boundary assumption on the scale of the material microstructure for strain localization problems. The performance of this quasi-discrete method is assessed using different computational test cases for quasi-brittle, masonry-like materials.

PBerke SMC seminaire