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Architecture of Great Expositions 1937-1959

Book Cover Great Expositions Rika Devos                            Messages of Peace, Images of War


Edited by Rika Devos, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, Alexander Ortenberg, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, USA and Vladimir Paperny, UCLA, USA


Ashgate Studies in Architecture





This book investigates architecture as a form of diplomacy in the context of the Second World War at six major European international and national expositions that took place between 1937 and '59. The volume gives a fascinating account of architecture assuming the role of the carrier of war-related messages, some of them camouflaged while others quite frank. The book provides a novel assessment of modern architecture's involvement with national representation it also argues that this widespread confidence in architecture's ability to act as a propaganda tool was one of the reasons why Modernist architecture lent itself to the service of such different masters.


Contents: Foreword, Jean-Louis Cohen; Introduction: messages of peace and images of war: modern architecture as diplomacy, Rika Devos, Alexander Ortenberg and Vladimir Paperny; L'Exposition de 1937 n'aura pas lieu: the invention of the Paris International Expo and the Soviet and German pavilions, Danilo F. Udovički-Selb; 'Italians do it better': fascist Italy's new brand of nationalism in the art and architecture of the Italian pavilion, Paris 1937, Flavia Marcello; Architecture as wartime cultural diplomacy: the Japanese pavilion at Paris 1937, Akiko Takenaka; Hot and cold war in architecture of Soviet pavilions (1937-1959), Vladimir Paperny; Architecture of light and water at the Universal Exhibition of Rome of 1942, Angelo Maggi; From statecraft to stagecraft: the visual politics of Britishness at the South Bank Exhibition, Anthony Raynsford; 'Let us now invest in peace.' Architecture at Expo 58 in resonance of war, Rika Devos; Politics of the void: Franquista Spain at Expo 58, María González Pendás; Between wars, between blocs: Yugoslavia at Expo 58, Vladimir Kulić; Epilogue: images of war and messages of peace: the American story, Lisa D. Schrenk; Selected bibliography; Index.


November 2015           256 pages

Hardback           978-1-4724-3460-9           £65.00/$109.95


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