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José Javier ALAYÓN GONZÁLEZ. PhD / Architect / Landscape Architect       

Since 2013 is professor aggregate at University Simón Bolívar (USB) Caracas - Venezuela, where investigates on Modern Architecture and teaches “Architectural Design” and “Theory and History of Architecture”. Member of the Editorial Board of rita_Revista Indexada de Trabajos Académicos (Spain), representing USB. Reviewer of Journal of Architecture and Urbanism (Lithuania). Between 2003 and 2009 was executive and charter member of redIALA_Investigaciones Arquitectónicas para Latinoamérica (Network for Architectural Researches in Latin-American).


Research Project

Compilation, analysis and synthesis of the information about the pavilions of Venezuela in Belgium.

(Antwerp and Liège 1930 and Brussels 1958). Three versions of the Tropical Country through the Theory and Project of Camille Damman and Dante Savino.

The initial presumption of this research, explore the relationships between a container “modern” according with a young country, and the unconnected content, based on the folklore and other cultural topics. By investigating the architecture thoughts and reasons that drove these projects in their time, we hope to attain a deeper understanding of its theories and a better comprehension of this typology. Analysing this cases, the work aims to fill in this gap of knowledge in the architectural history of Venezuela and Belgium.