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BATir is thrilled that Rika Devos and Ahmed Khan are members of the Scientific Research Network 'Texts ≈ Buildings: Dissecting Transpositions in Architectural Knowledge' which has just been awarded by the FWO (the Flemish research council). This collaborative relationship with 11 international partners was initiated by colleagues of St.-Lucas – KULeuven and aims at promoting the coordination among research departments in the area of scientific research, with a strong emphasis on inter-/multi-/and transdisciplinarity. 'Texts ≈ Buildings’ intends to investigate how ideas on architecture were launched, adapted or contested and how they finally shaped building practices: to that end, the primary focus is set on enquiring how specific 'travelling' or 'nomadic' concepts rearranged architectural knowledge. Three specific 'sites of transposition' are developed: (1) architectural education and training; (2) bureaucracy and (3) literary imagination.