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The research project ECOBIND proposed by Stéphanie Staquet and entitled "Early-age COncrete Behaviour with INorganic polymer binDer " has been funded by the FNRS under the call FRFS-WISD 2016. Inorganic polymer concrete (IPC) is considered to be a promising alternative to Portland cement concrete for the development of more durable, sustainable and low-CO2 construction and building materials. However, as a consequence of the specific development of its early age properties, this new concrete technology suffers from early age micro-cracking. It is the aim of this research project to explore the evolution of early-age mechanical development and volume changes considering chemical reactions, setting, hardening, strength, stiffness, shrinkage-creep development, and microstructure of IPC. Recommendations will be made for optimising the IPC mix design and cure temperature depending on the application.