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Context and architectural knowledge

Contacts Prof. Stéphane VanbeverenSylvain Marbehant

Architectural Space, Architectural Knowledge, Epistemology & Architectural project

  • Damien Claeys, UCL, Belgium
  • Prof. David Vanderburgh, UCL, Belgium
  • Prof. Hugues Wilqin, Umons, Belgium
Architectural Space & Architectural Knowledge

Architectural Theory is often reduced to doctrinal, ideological or utopist concerns. Due to that, theory never took place in the pantheon of academic knowledge. Nevertheless we must acknowledge the consistency of several architectural principles.

Researches and teachings in progress are based on the idea that one can identify fundamental principles in every architectural space. Indeed every specific building can be qualified in terms of Form, Use, Context, Techniques and Meaning.

Researches are based on Monographic approaches and treatises from modernist and postmodernist Architecture.
Epistemology & Architectural Project

Since modernity, just as in other fields, Architecture incorporated the discovery of the subject : the architect as a subject and the inhabitants as a subject. Thereby, different modern thought integrates the difficult relations between subject and object. Nowadays, phenomenologic and linguistic approaches on architecture have already influenced some architectural theories and concepts. Those approaches liken architecture to a scientific object, I.e. a permanent and ideal object.

Another approach would defend the idea of architecture as a project against the idea of architecture as an object. This "space of the project" brings together the processes of perception, representation and design.

Constructivist epistemology, complex thinking and design studies offer some relevant points of view to speak about architecture in terms of complexity, relation, processes…

Selected publications

[1] S. Marbehant, Quelle Théorie pour l'Architecture ? De l'Autonomie à la Médiation, Systemica 2011, 8e Congrès de l'Union Européenne de Systémique

[2] P., Burniat, Le Plan Libre, Syncrétisme de la Modernité Corbuséenne : Essai de Clarification du Concept de Plan Libre dans l'Oeuvre Architecturale de Le Corbusier, PhD Thesis, Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2008

[3] M., Vereckt, Pistes pour la Clarification du Concept d'Espace Ouvert, Master Degree Thesis, Ecole Polytechnique, Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2009

[4] Y., Bettignies, Transformation : la Question du Site dans le Processus de Conception Architecturale chez Alvaro Siza, Master degree Thesis, Ecole Polytechnique, Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2009




Architectural Space, Architectural Knowledge, Epistemology & Architectural project