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PCB impulse hammer 086D50 (big)


Key words: Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric (ICP), impact/impulse hammer, shock, low-impedance, quartz force sensors, ICP 086D50

Main application: Modal analysis / FRF measurement on very large structures (building frames)

General description:  This hammer consist of an ICP quartz force sensor mounted on the striking end of its head. The striking end of the hammer has a threaded hole for installation of a variety of impact tips. The tip functions to transfer the force of impact to the sensor and protects the sensor face from damage. Tips of different stiffness allow you to vary the pulse width and frequency content of the force. The impact force is transformed to electrical signal for proper analysis. It is constructed with rigid quartz crystals and a built-in, micro-electronic, unity gain amplifier. The hammer mass is 5.5kg


Quantity: 1