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NI PXIe chassis with modules (ICP)


Keywords: High-performance control, high-bandwidth, signal acquisition/generation, measurement system, synchronization

Main application: High-performance and bandwidth DAQ applications and signal generation oriented for sound and vibration applications with  a large number of channels

General description:  The NI PXIe-1082 8-slot chassis features a high-bandwidth backplane to meet a wide range of high-performance test and measurement application needs. It accepts PXI Express modules in every slot and supports standard PXI hybrid-compatible modules in up to four slots. It is high performance; up to 1GB/s per slot dedicated bandwidth, and 7 GB/s system bandwidth. The configuration allows to perform dynamic measurements up to 100 kHz with up to 32 accelerometers  simultanesously. It can be coupled to the second PXIe chassis to reach up to 56 channels for accelerometers. It can also be used for ultrasonic measurements with one 4 channels module for data acquisition up to 10 MHz.

The following modules are installed, allowing to measure with up to 24 accelerometers :

  • PXIe-8360 (direct laptop control of the whole chassis)
  • PXIe-4497 (2x) (16 simultaneously sampled analog input 24-bit channels at up to 204.8 kS/s)
  • PXIe-6672 (system timing controller module, multiple PXI Express systems synchronization)
  • PXI-4461 (2 simultaneously sampled analog input 24-bit channels at up to 204.8 kS/s and 2 simultaneously updated analog output 24-bit channels at up to 204.8 kS/s) 
  • PXI-6115 (4 high-speed analog input channels, 10MS/s per channel with onboard antialiasing filters)


Quantity: 1
NI PXIe-1082 (chassis)National Instruments
NI PXIe-express card 8360 + 7m cableNational Instruments
NI PXIe-4497 (High Accuracy DAQ module)National Instruments
NI infiniband to BNC cables for NI 449xNational Instruments
NI PXI-4461 (Dynamic Signal Acquisition and generation module)National Instruments
NI PXIe-6672 (Timing and Multichassis Synchronization for PXI Express)National Instruments
NI SMB 210 cable, DUAL SMB plug to dual SMB plug coax cable (NI PXIe-6672 cabling)National Instruments
NI SMB 100 cable, SMB female to BNC female coax cable (NI PXI-6115 cabling)National Instruments