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LDS shaker V406/8+amplifier


Keywords: : Vibration testing of structures, modal and structural analysis, laboratory experiments, electronic assembly test, small assembly and component test.

Main application: Dynamic excitation of small and medium lightweight structures for modal analysis and all purpose vibration analysis

General description:  The LDS V406/8 shaker is specifically designed for reproducing a vibration environment under laboratory conditions. It is mainly used to investigate the dynamic behavior of small and lightweight structures and components. The shaker incorporates a lightweight moving armature which has been optimized to provide the lightest mass with a wide frequency range. It delivers 196N of force and 17.6mm of stroke (pk-pk). The shaker body can be mounted into an optional cast trunnion frame which will permit adjustment of the axis of vibration through a range of ±90°. For other applications the vibration generator can be rigidly bolted to a suitable structure using threaded holes in the base of the machine body.


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