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B&K 2635 charge conditioning amplifier


Key words: charge, conditioning, high sensitivity, built-in integrators.

Main application: The 2635 is a four stage charge amplifier consisting of an input amplifier, lowpass filter-amplifier, integrator amplifier, and output amplifier. An overload detector, test oscillator and power supply unit are also included.

General description:  The Charge Amplifier Type 2635 is a comprehensively equipped charge conditioning amplifier intended for the following applications:1)general vibration measurements with a piezoelectric accelerometer and 2)sound measurements with piezoelectric hydrophones (underwater probes). The 2635’s output can be routed to portable tape recorders and level recorders, electronic voltmeters, measuring amplifiers and frequency analyzers. It can be powered from internal batteries or an external DC power supply, making it useful both in the field and in the laboratory.


Quantity: 4