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QuickPack QPA 200 Voltage piezo amplifier


Key words: Piezo amplifier, high voltage, piezoelectric transducers

Main application: For driving piezoelectric transducers in a variety of laboratory applications

General description:  QPA200 is a hybrid amplifier consisting of a power operational amplifier coupled with an efficient, high-voltage switch mode power supply. The QPA200 is a high-voltage, single-channel linear amplifier specifically designed for powering piezoelectric capacitive loads. The instrument is configured as an inverting amplifier that offers a fixed or adjustable DC gain in the range of -10 to -100. The bipolar analog output spans +200V to -200V with an integrated current limit of +/-200mA. It has a large bandwidth exceeding 1kHz for typical loads, integrated thermal protection circuitry, output voltage and current monitoring functions and an accuracy of less than 1%. The simple economical design makes the QPA200 a suitable choice for medium-performance piezoelectric applications.


Quantity: 1