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MB Dynamics shaker MODAL 110 + accessory kit + amplifier


Keywords: : Vibration testing of structures, modal and structural analysis, laboratory experiments, electronic assembly test, small assembly and component test

Main application: Dynamic excitation of medium to large structures for modal analysis and all purpose vibration analysis

General description: The MODAL 110 shaker is specifically designed for reproducing a vibration environment under laboratory conditions. . The MODAL 110 is becoming more popular day by the day because of its long stroke, light moving element mass and low longitudinal stiffness. It delivers 500N of force and 38mm of stroke (pk-pk). The shaker body can be mounted into an optional cast trunnion frame which will permit adjustment of the axis of vibration through a range of ±90°. For other applications the vibration generator can be rigidly bolted to a suitable structure using threaded holes in the base of the machine body


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