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NI PXIe chassis with modules (multiplexer-matrix switch)


Keywords: Ultrasonic measurements, multiplexer/matrix, signal acquisition/generation

Main application: Ultrasonic measurements up to 10 MHz sampling frequency with switching capabilities for measurements with multiple actuator-sensor configurations

General description:  The NI PXIe-1073 low-cost 5-slot chassis is designed for a variety of applications. It accepts PXI Express modules in every slot and supports standard PXI hybrid-compatible modules in up to three slots. It features a high-bandwidth backplane to meet a wide range of high-performance test and measurement application needs. It also features compact, rugged packaging as well as acoustically quiet operation, which makes it ideal for both portable and desktop systems. The following modules are installe: PXI-2530B and PXI-6115 including their appropriate terminal blocks. The NI PXI-2530B is a high-density, multiconfiguration multiplexer/matrix switch module. With four multiplexer and three matrix configurations, the PXI-2530B is an excellent solution for complex or high-channel-count systems. Its maximum switching speed is 900 ch/s. The NI PXI-6115 features a dedicated analog-to-digital converter (ADC) per channel for maximum device throughput and higher multichannel accuracy. With 10 MS/s per channel sampling rates, eight input ranges from ±0.2 to ±42 V, onboard antialiasing filters, two 12-bit analog outputs, two 24-bit counters/timers and eight general purpose digital I/O lines, the PXI-6115 can be used in a variety of applications.


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