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NI PXIe chassis for ultrasonic measurements


Keywords: Ultrasonic measurements, multiplexer/matrix, signal acquisition/generation

Main application: Ultrasonic measurements up to 10 MHz sampling frequency with switching capabilities for measurements with multiple actuator-sensor configurations.

General description:  The NI PXIe-1073 low-cost 5-slot chassis is designed for a variety of applications. It accepts PXI Express modules in every slot and supports standard PXI hybrid-compatible modules in up to three slots. It is composed of the following modules:


Quantity: 2
NI PXIe-1073 (chassis) National Instruments
NI PXI-2530B (multiplexer/matrix switch module) National Instruments
NI Front-Mounting Terminal Block for NI PXI-2530BNational Instruments
NI Front-Mounting SMB Terminal Block for NI PXI-6115National Instruments
NI PXI-6115 (S series multifunction DAQ module)National Instruments
NI PXIe-express card 8360National Instruments
NI PXI-2527 64-CHANNEL 300V MULTIPLEXERNational Instruments
NI TB-2627 SCREW TERMINAL BLOCK FOR NI PXI-2527National Instruments

The system if often coupled with: