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Single point laser vibrometer


Keywords: single point laser vibrometer, velocity measurement

Main application: >For rapid non-contact vibration measurement at a single point on an object’s surface

General description:  The compact single point vibrometer and its controller are able of precisely measuring the projected component of an object’s surface vibration vector along the direction of the incident laser beam. It’s low-power, visible, eye-safe (Class 2) laser provides outstanding optical sensitivity. The OFV-505 sensor head is at the heart of a range of universal and expandable non-contact vibrometer systems which coupled to the modular OFV-5000 vibrometer controller takes full advantage of the high-resolution analog and digital processing of the controller. The controller modular design allows the frequency, velocity and displacement capabilities to be tailored to your applications


Quantity: 1
OFV-505 vibrometer sensor headPolytec
OFV-5000 vibrometer controllerPolytec
Velocity decoder VD06 Polytec