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Adiabatic calorimeter


General Information


BATir - Building, Architecture & Town Planning, building : C, local : civil engineering lab level 1

Key words:

Calorimeter / Heat emission / Adiabatic condition

Main application:

The calorimetric data in fully adiabatic conditions can be measured with a specific device. The heat of hydration is measured on concrete specimens by means of an adiabatic calorimeter. This adiabatic calorimeter is composed of a copper cylindrical mould, thermo-regulated by a water circulation around the sample. An insulating air layer separates the sample and the mould. The temperature regulation is controlled by PT100 embedded in the care of the sample. A thermostatic bath (LAUDA) controls the temperature of the circulating fluid to ensure in real-time the equilibrium between the temperature of concrete and the temperature of the thermal regulation liquid. Moreover, the efficiency of the thermal exchange between the calorimeter and the concrete is improved by an insulation surrounding the device.

Contact details

Stéphanie Staquet

Associate Professor – Chargée de cours 

Service BATir - Building, Architecture & Town Planning  

Université Libre de Bruxelles  ULB

87, A.Buyl Avenue CP194/4

1050 Bruxelles (Belgium)

Tél:+32 2 6502758

Fax:+32 2 6502782


 Instrument specification

Quantity :


 Composed by :

-          Bath LAUDA Proline 8 L

-          Copper cylindrical mould


Quantity: 1