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Capillary depression


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Key words:

Capillary Depression

Main application:

Inside the cement based material is created an internal drying, also called autodessiccation, due to the consumption of water by hydration reaction of cement. It is observed from a certain degree of moisture with absence of contact of the material with an external water source. The capillary water is subjected to the forces of capillary tension (capillary depression). This device allows to evaluate this capillary depression inside the sample. The capillary pressure was measured on cylindrical concrete samples. A porous ceramic cup was connected to a pressure sensor through thin water pipes and placed horizontally in a mould of 10 cm high and 10 cm diameter, located at 5 cm below the concrete top surface.

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Stéphanie Staquet

Associate Professor – Chargée de cours 

Service BATir - Building, Architecture & Town Planning  

Université Libre de Bruxelles  ULB

87, A.Buyl Avenue CP194/4

1050 Bruxelles (Belgium)

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Instrument specification

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Composed by :

-          Electronique vacuum manometer

-          Multimeter Flufluke

-          Dessicator Filete Mobilex 250 mm

-          Chemistry vacuum pump 16 à 38 l/min)


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