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Volumetric deformation at early age


General Information


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Key words:

Le Chatelier contraction / Volumetric deformation / paste / swelling / early age

Main application:

Gravimetric measurements have been used to determine the volume variations of cement paste. This experimental device has been used to quantify the volume changes of the cement pastes who was put in a latex membrane, immersed in the water bath (LAUDA) controlled in temperature with a constant temperature of 20°C. The mass variations of the immersed sample were weighed every minute. According to the Archimede principle, the sample mass variations are linked to its volume variations according to the following equation:


where ΔVmembrane is the volume variations of the membrane (m³), ΔM is the mass variations of the sample measured by a scale (kg) and ρwater is the volumetric mass of water (kg.m-3).

Contact details

Stéphanie Staquet

Associate Professor – Chargée de cours 

Service BATir - Building, Architecture & Town Planning  

Université Libre de Bruxelles  ULB

87, A.Buyl Avenue CP194/4

1050 Bruxelles (Belgium)

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 Instrument specification

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Composed by :

-          Bath LAUDA Ecoline Staredition 6 L

-          Balance ML503


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