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Slab test


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Key words:

Slab test / concrete

Main application:

Slab test is made of a very rigid monolithic box 11.2 m by 9.65 m and 3 m high. The upper plate (65 cm thick) is provided with 204 anchoring holes. These allow fixing portals which are attached hydraulic cylinders for testing large structures, as well as civil engineering and mechanical engineering. The interior of the box is a cell conditioned atmosphere having a free height of 2 m and can be used to achieve long-term tests under conditions imposed by both temperature and relative humidity.

The laboratory has a wide range of hydraulic cylinders equipped with load measuring cells. The cylinders can be supplied with various hydraulic power packs. For static tests, the choice is to controlled strength, movement or deformation. For fatigue tests, the laboratory has an oscillatory equipment low frequency (between 0.5 and 80 cycles per minute) feeding two cylinders of 200 kN or two cylinders of 400 kN.

For handling, the laboratory is equipped with a 4.5 ton crane.

Contact details

Prof. Bernard ESPION
Université Libre de Bruxelles
BATir 194/4
87 av. A. Buyl
1050 Bruxelles
tél : +32 2 650 27 24
fax: +32 2 650 27 82

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