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TA 9200A high frequency voltage amplifier


Key words: wide bandwidth, signal amplifier, high voltage, ultrasonic testing

Main application: High voltage excitation of piezoelectric transducers with arbitrary and wide frequency bandwidth signals. The signal is generated by any of the lab waveform generators (NI-PXI 6115, NI-PXI 4461, NI-USB 4431 or Rigol DG2000).

General description:  The Tabor Electronic 9200A is a dual channel high voltage amplifier (-200 to 200V; 100mA per channel). The front panel has two input and two high voltage output (x50 gain) while the rear panel has two monitor output that divides the output signal by 100. The 9200A has two modes of operation; normal and unipolar modes. In normal mode, each input channel is amplified and delivered to its corresponding output (two separate amplifiers). The unipolar mode converts one input to two unipolar outputs. The amplifier is able to deliver a full power amplification from DC to 1.5 MHz at 20Vpp and from DC to 500 KHz at 400Vpp with a slew rate of 400V/µs.


Quantity: 2