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AEP5H - AE-Preamplifier 20 kHz – 2.4 MHz single-ended input 34 dB gain


Keywords: Ultrasonic measurements, pre-amplifier

Main application: Ultrasonic measurements when long cables are required or for acoustic emission testing.

General description:  The AEP5H is a general purpose preamplifier supporting single ended sensors. This preamplifier is a wide-band preamplifier available in two different bandwidth settings:

  • Gain can be set to 34 dB or 40 dB
  • AEP5H: 20 kHz to 2.4 MHz (10 Vpp)
  • AEP5(H) can put a voltage pulse (up to 450 Vpp) through to the AE-sensor (sensor coupling test)
  • Magnetic holders are mounted directly to the housing.


Quantity: 6
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