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Ongoing doctoral research

Pierre-Louis Flouquet. Chroniqueur, promoteur et critique de l'architecture belge (1932-1967)
Researcher : Irene Lund, architect with the Faculté d'Architecture, ULB
Pierre-Louis Flouquet was a designer, design critic, painter, publicist, stage designer, poet, journalist and editor. In biographical dictionaries, his relationship to design and architecture is often neglected to the benefit of his activities as a painter and a poet. But Flouquet's contribution to design in Belgium was much broader and significant than what has been revealed through scholarly attention so far. Indeed, Flouquet's substantial written production on design spanned continuously from 1922 till his death in 1967. He wrote and edited several books and more than thousands of articles on interior decoration, applied arts, art, architecture, and urbanism. Moreover, he was also the founder and editor of eight magazines. In terms of quantity, he remains to this day the most prolific author and editor on the issues of design in Belgium. The research aims at providing a broad view on Flouquet's role as a mediator in modern architecture and design in Belgium.

The research is supervised by prof. dr. Fredie Floré (KULeuven), prof. dr. Rika Devos (BATir, ULB) and prof. dr. Jean-Louis Genard (Faculté d'Architecture, ULB).


L'évolution des rapports asymétriques: urbanité-ruralité au sein de la Grande Région à différentes échelles
Researcher: Delphine Tatara, architect and geographer at Université de Lorraine
This Ph.D. research combines the study fields of geography (of the Grande Région, situated between the rivers Rhin, Moselle, Sarre and Meuse) and the architecture of habitat. The project aims at identifying, by a cultural history approach and by considering the marks of history as a palimpsest, the evolution of the territory and the architecture of individual habitat units, as they are steered by a search for the "rural" and the "local" in the Grande Région, since the early XXth century.

The interdisciplinary research is funded by the Université de Lorraine (Ecole doctorale Fernand Braudel) and is supervised by prof. dr. Dominique Harmand of Loterr (laboratoire de Géographie en Lorraine, France) and Rika Devos (BATir, ULB).