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logo SMC logo SMC  OPTI logo SMC  OPTI  FORM Form-finding and structural optimization
Contact Benoît Descamps, James N. Richardson, Rajan Filomeno Coelho
Keywords structural design, form finding, force density method, principia design method
  • Prof. S. Adriaenssens, VUB / Princeton
  • Prof. R. M. O. Pauletti, USP
  • Ir. L. Ney, Ney & Partners
Form-finding and structural optimization Structural design can be viewed as a multiobjective, multiconstraint and multivariable optimization problem. Using computational tools, this aim is usually carried out by combining general-purpose optimization algorithms with displacement-based finite element models. However, for lightweight structures, the definition of a structural shape faces singularity issues. In a mathematical programming framework, these bottleneck can be alleviated by considering form finding methods, whose goal is to find an equilibrium geometry for a given set of supports and external loads. Hence both approaches to get a structural shape - form finding and structural optimization - are merged within one integrated design process.

III.2 Fig 3III.2 Fig 2

Current work is involved with :

  • implementation of a unified approach of form finding and structural optimization methods;
  • development of a multicriteria optimization algorithm for space structures;
  • introduction of beam element within the design process;
  • investigation of practical applications for very large design space.
  • This project is supported by the FRS-FNRS.
Selected publications
  • [1] B Descamps, R Filomeno Coelho, L Ney, and Ph Bouillard. Multicriteria optimization of lightweight bridge structures with a constrained force density method. Computers and Structures, 89:277-284, 2011.
  • [2] B Descamps, R Filomeno Coelho. A lower-bound formulation for the geometry and topology optimization of truss structures undermultiple loading. Structural andMultidisciplinary Optimization, 48(1):49–58, 2013.
  • [3] J N Richardson, S Adriaenssens, Ph Bouillard, R Filomeno Coelho. Multiobjective topology optimization of truss structures with kinematic stability repair. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 46(4):513–532, 2012.
  • [4] J N Richardson, G Nordenson, R Laberenne, R Filomeno Coelho, S Adriaenssens. Flexible optimal design of a bracing system for façade design using multiobjective genetic algorithms. Automation in Construction, 32:80–87, 2013.