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Exhibition architecture

Research in contemporary architectural history is supervised by Rika Devos

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Architecture of Great Exhibitions 1937-1959                                 


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Ongoing doctoral research




Rika Devos 

Research fields and Keywords

Architectural history, Construction history, Innovation and Technology, National Identity, Representation and dissemination, Regulations

Research collaborations

Prof. dr. Fredie Floré,

Prof. dr. Alexander Ortenberg (California Polytechnic Pomona, Dept. of Architecture),

Prof. dr. José Javier Alayón González (Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas), visiting professor in Autumn 2016

Dr. Maria Diamandieva, visiting researcher since 2015

Exhibition architecture

At the basis of this research line lays a year-long fascination for the architecture of the pavilions and settings of world's fairs. A major topic of expertise is the 1958 Brussels world's fair, the first post WWII international and universal exhibition, which was expected to demonstrate the state of affairs in post-war modern architecture. With her doctoral dissertation Modern at Expo 58. Discussions on post-war architectural representation (UGent, 2008), Rika Devos illustrated how diverse strands of modern architecture, as well as engineering prowess, were mobilized by different actors (designers and commissioners of architecture) to demonstrate their post-war situations, and how the built pavilions and their exhibits, images of architecture and text interacted in transferring these messages to both informed specialists and the public at large.

Rika Devos was co-editor of two books (2006 and 2015) on exhibition architecture, co-curator of the exhibition Modern architecture at Expo 58 (Mechlin, 2008) and advisor to research projects on Belgian world's fairs: Expo 58 (National Archives and CRB-KBF) and Ghent 1913 (UGent and Ghent City Archives). She is invited regularly as author and speaker for original contributions on the architecture of (Belgian) world's fairs.


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