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François Denis
PhD Student
Phone: +32 2 650 2720
BATir Department, CP 194/2
50, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, B-1050 Brussels
Contact by email
Publications: see DI-FUSION

Ir. arch. François Denis is a joint-ULB/VUB PhD researcher interested in the BIM process and its applications within the Belgian Construction Industry. He obtained the degree of “Master of Sciences in Architectural Engineering” at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Bruface joint ULB-VUB master program) in 2014. His master’s thesis entitled "Tool for Augmented Parametric Building Information Modelling for Transformable Buildings" received the Anixton Award during the Bruface Commencement Ceremony (July 2014). Since October 2014, he has been involved in the elaboration of a “Belgian BIM handbook for stakeholders” with the BIM work group of the ADEB-VBA (Belgian contractor association of major construction projects) in collaboration with the ORI (professional organization for engineering offices and consultancy), G30 (Association of architects) and SECO (control office). This document will provide guidelines and practical rules improving collaboration and management of traditional DESIGN-BID-BUILD contracts using digital documents/exchanges. François Denis started his PhD research entitled “Protocol for Augmented Parametric Building Information Modelling Components” under the supervision of prof. dr. ir. arch. Niels De Temmerman (VUB) and prof. ir. Yves Rammer (ULB). This research tackles two main objectives: a better collaboration and model sharing between the different sectors of the building industry, as well as a better life-cycle management through the rigorous definition of BIM objects/components and their interactions. For his research, he received in January 2015 a PhD grant from the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT).