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The Seminars in Numerical Methods (organized by BATir) take place every Monday at 12:30pm (starting from October 21, 2013) at the C3.122 room.

The programme is the following:

  • 21 Oct: Manuel Herrera: Adaptive kernel methods for on-line metamodelling
  • 28 Oct: Sudharsana Raamanu Raman: Development of extended Mindlin-Reissner plate elements for weak discontinuity modelling
  • 4 Nov: Selcuk Erol: Analytical solution of discontinuous heat extraction for sustainability and recovery aspects of borehole heat exchangers
  • 18 Nov:  Jérôme Carette: Determination of the setting time of cementitious materials : from mortar to concrete
  • 25 Nov: Aurélie Fabien: Valorisation of municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) fly ashes and air pollution control (APC) residues in concrete materials
  • 9 Dec: Alexis Tugilimana (title to be defined)