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The Seminars in Experimental and Numerical Methods (organized by BATir) take place at 12:30pm at the C4.219 room.

The programme is the following:

  • 3/2: Hector Hernandez: Deflated Krylov Subspace Methods for the Poisson Pressure Equation
  • 17/2: Mir Amid Hashemi Afrapoli: Micro-scale analysis of lime treated sand-bentonite mixtures
  • 3/3: Nenad Milenković: The development of an additive for bulk waterproofing of cement based materials
  • 31/3: Arnaud Robert: Model order reduction for multidisciplinary design optimization
  • 14/4: Mahdi K. Hatami: Rate-dependent Strain Gradient Plasticity: Application to Micro-pillar Compression
  • 12/5: Cédric Dumoulin: In situ monitoring of concrete behaviour based on embedded piezoelectric transducers
  • 26/5: Oumar Keita: Modélisation et expérimentation de l'endommagement des roches sous charge explosive