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The table below gives a list of the main equipment available in the different laboratories of BATir by category. Click on each item to see more details.


- AEP5H - AE-Preamplifier 20 kHz – 2.4 MHz single-ended input 34 dB gainVallen Systeme GmbH6
- Agilent 4294A Impedance analyzerAgilent Technologies1
- B&K Nexus 2692 charge conditioning amplifier Bruel & Kjaer1
- FBG-SCAN 800 interrogatorFBGS (ex FOS&S)1
- LDS shaker V406/8+amplifierLDS1
- Lecroy wave Runner 44xi oscilloscopeLeCroy1
- MB Dynamics shaker MODAL 110 + accessory kit + amplifierMB Dynamics1
- Newport vibration isolation tableNewport spectra physics1
- NI CDAQ-9185 COMPACTDAQ CHASSISNational Instruments1
- NI PXIe chassis for ultrasonic measurements National Instruments2
- NI PXIe chassis with modules (ICP)National Instruments1
- NI PXIe chassis with modules (ICP/strain gauges)National Instruments1
- NI USB-4431 (5-channel Dynamic Signal Acquisition (DSA) module)National Instruments1
- NI USB-9234 (4-channel Dynamic Signal Acquisition (DSA) module)National Instruments2
- ONOSOKKI portable 2-channel FFT analyzer ONO-Sokki1
- PCB ICP accelerometer (big seismic) 393B31PCB16
- PCB ICP accelerometer (small seismic) 393A03PCB 8
- PCB ICP accelerometer 353B34PCB54
- PCB ICP accelerometer(miniature) 352A56PCB3
- PCB ICP Force link 221B02PCB1
- PCB impulse hammer 086C01 (small)PCB1
- PCB impulse hammer 086D50 (big)PCB 1
- QuickPack QPA 200 Voltage piezo amplifierMide1
- RIGOL Function/arbitrary waveform generatorRIGOL1
- RUT950 4G LTE Dual SIM cellular router Teltonika1
- Single point laser vibrometerPolytec 1
- SMARTMOTE SmartPre 4 channels voltage pre-amplifierSMARTMOTE2
- TA 9200A high frequency voltage amplifierTabor Electronics2
- TMS Miniature shaker 2007EThe Modal Shop1
- UCM universal Signal conditioning ModulePenny+Giles2

Mechanical Testing

- Compressive creep test rigsFreyssinet Belgium + Solartron1
- longitudinal (BCL) and transversal (BCP) strain gauges for elastic modulusJ2P1
- Slab test-1
- Tensile creep test rigsWalter + BAI AG2

Concrete Processing

- Adiabatic calorimeter-1
- Air entrainment meter testing for mortar 1 L and concrete 8 LLindqvist International / Bluhm & Feuerherdt GMBH1
- Auto-shrink system (ASTM C1698)Vdz1
- Automatic mortar mixer standart EN 196-13R1
- Calcimeter Dietrich-Fruling NF P94048Contr1
- Capillary depression Rexel1
- Climatic chamber Binder 720 L ( -C, -%HR)Senze-Instruments1
- Concrete free deformation at early ageCETE Normandie centre2
- Concrete mixer high capacity Eirich 150 literEirich 1
- Concrete mixer small capacity Eirich 40 literEirich 1
- Isothermal calorimeter TAM AIR 8 channel Waters, TA Instruments1
- Mortar penetrometerSARL Laser electronique1
- Semi adiabatic calorimeterBaudry2
- Sharp and rigid probe of 2.54cm Micropack III Elcometer sprl1
- Stove Binder 240 L (5-300 C)Senze-Instruments1
- Temperature and humidity sensorElcometer sprl/DIMED/Sensirion/Senze-Instruments4
- Temperature stress testing machineWalter + BAI AG1
- Vicat apparatusContr1
- Volumetric deformation at early age-1

Non Destructive Testing

- System for acoustic emission analysis Transocto et translinkSMARTMOTE1
- Ultrasonic waves transmission test device in concrete-mortarSMARTMOTE1

Modelling Software