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The research developed in the Laboratory of GeoMechanics takes place in the general context of environmental geomechanics. The main objectives are to focus on the deep understanding of soil behaviour when submitted to complex environmental (mechanical, hydraulic, thermal, chemical ...) loadings. This is only possible if the fundamental comprehension is based on good experimental results. So, a three-part approach (experimental, constitutive and numerical) is the basement of our work. Those fundamental developments are applied-oriented in geotechnics and geomechanics. Our three main research axes are:

- Ground energy extraction

- Storage of production waste in the ground

- Geotechnical risk management

In the following, please find some of our achieved or undergoing researches:


transparent square 75 logo LGM UNSAT Unsaturated soil and rock mechanics
logo LGM LIME Soil improvement
logo LGM STAB Slope stability
logo LGM GEOTH Shallow geothermy
logo LGM GAS Gas transfers in argillaceous materials
logo LGM DRYING Soil-atmosphere interactions